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On behalf of the Tournament Organizing Committee and the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation we are proud and honoured to invite all Traditional Karate practitioners to take part in the World Traditional Karate-Do Championships ORLEN Cracow 2016 to be held on October 10-16, 2016 in TAURON Arena ( in Cracow (Poland).

First time in the history it will be the multi-style karate tournament under the name of one international umbrella organization in the extraordinary city, city of Renaissance – Cracow in Poland. The competition will be attended by representatives of diverse schools of karate-do in the world, including Wado-ryu, Goju-Ryu, Shito-Ryu, Japan Karate Association (JKA), Koshiki karate and Traditional Karate.

Their arrivals have already confirmed karate organizations from Japan, which World Traditional Karate-Do Federation established close cooperation with recently. Our vision of cooperation with the different karate organizations means that through the common historical heritage we should spread the benefits of practicing karate and use them in the global education and human development.

Mr Lech Wałesa, former President of Poland, Peace Nobel Price recipient, the legend of “Solidarity”, took the Honorary Patronage under the event.

The world championships will take place in conjunction with the 3rd Traditional Karate World Children’s Cup which will be attended by hundreds of the youngest athletes from all over the world.

On October 13, 2016 the World Budo Conference will be held in Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wieś. Mr Wojciech Nowak, MD PhD, rector of Jagiellonian University, took the honorary patronage over the Conference. The Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland, the second oldest university in Central Europe and one of the oldest universities in the world. The mail goal of the Conference is to promote the World Traditional Karate-Do Championships as well as to present the influence of practising karate to the human being in the context of social problems which are getting very common in our lives, such as: gangs and criminal groups in USA, rape in India and drug addiction in Brazil. The superb collection of experts of martial arts from all over the world, including Austria, Brazil, Japan, Poland and USA, will have lectures during the Conference.

The decision to organize such a great event in Cracow is not accidental. Next year’s championships will be held under the name “Traditional Karate-Do Renaissance” and that is why the tournament will take place in Cracow – the city which was an important center of art and culture of the Renaissance. An additional advantages are the excellent facilities that the city offers, among others, multifunctional sports hall TAURON Arena Cracow and conference center ICE Cracow Congress Centre. See for yourself that Cracow is an unique place CLICK HERE!

The tournament itself will take place in TAURON Arena Cracow, which is the biggest in Poland and one of the most modern in the world hall entertainment and sports venue. A multifunctional nature of this place allows to stage on its premises at least some dozen disciplines in the world championships. The advantages of the TAURON Arena Cracow are not only derived from its location, size and multifunctionality but also from the rich technical capabilities. Thanks to them, the application of the most advanced stage and multimedia systems during various events is possible as well as it will satisfy the spectators. Only within a few hours – thanks to isolation panels and a proper surface – the arena can be transformed into a venue of contests of other indoor disciplines. We encourage you to watch the very special movie presenting the TAURON Arena Cracow!



October 10 (Tuesday)

Arrival (athletes, judges and official)

October 11 (Tuesday)

Judges’ Refresher Course

Place: Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wieś

October 12 (Wednesday)

Judges’ Refresher Course

Place: Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wieś

October 13 (Thursday)

World Budo Conference

Place: Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wieś

October 14 (Friday)

World Traditional Karate-Do Championships Cracow ORLEN 2016

Place: TAURON Arena Cracow

October 15 (Saturday)

World Traditional Karate-Do Championships Cracow ORLEN 2016
Place: TAURON Arena Cracow

Sayonara Party

October 16 (Sunday)




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